Eco Friendly Recycling

Our eco friendly recycling is based on the principles of Conserve resources for our future and minimum landfill.

RR Recyclers provides the full spectrum of activities covered under e-waste management – collection of e-waste from the door step of the generators, segregation, data destruction, dismantling of end of life equipments, size reduction, sorting in to different commodities like glass, plastic, iron/steel, aluminum, copper and hazardous material. RR Recyclers   facility is located in NCR region, to carry out the above activities in Zero negative environment effect.

RR Recyclers bench mark of recycling is to recycle E-waste to about 90% and 1% hazardous materials which cannot be further reused or recycled goes for scientific and secure landfill to registered landfill area to which RR Recyclers is already a member.

RR Recyclers is partnered with leading precious metal recovery companies based out in Japan and European country for precious metal recovery.

RR Recyclers conducts regular audits to ensure compliance with the environment, Health and safety standards.